Windows 10 / Microsoft Edge Support

When will Windows 10 / Microsoft Edge be supported? It will not connect to my Tablo for me.

Windows 10 is supported fine, but the Edge browser won’t connect anymore. Just use Chrome, IE, or Firefox for now.

When will Edge be supported?

(humor… warning) Now Tablo can charge for a “Windows 10” app!!

(if you don’t get that, you will once you migrate to Windows 10)

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The best chance for Edge to be supported is if Microsoft changes their code, not Tablo. This has to be a very low priority item for the Tablo folks. Just getting IE working with the Tablo took 9 months or so.

Snowcat, thanks for your replys, but I think you are being unrealistic. Windows 10 already has 25 million users in less than 2 weeks. Edge is probably significantly less than that, but still a very large number. Windows 10 and Edge are a huge opportunity for Tablo. I am sure they will be supporting Edge at some point. I was just asking if there had been any announcement of a timeframe.

Also, thank you for your first reply. I had, of course, already opened Tablo with Firefox. Again, I was just looking for a timeframe for Edge support.

I seriously appreciate your answers to questions. While I have not posted very often to these forums, I have read them extensively and your answers have helped me with various issues in the past.


Edge is designed for one purpose and for that it does its job well: downloading a better browser.


That joke is reserved for IE. Edge is actually a really good browser.

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Edge actually works really well with the Tablo on two of my PCs.
If I could only figure out why the other two won’t connect!

my pc won’t connect via Microsoft edge. If there is any help/support on this, please post.

No, there is no official support for accessing the Tablo with Microsoft Edge. I was unable to get it to work on some of my PCs and even the two that did work have now lost the ability after several updates. Your best option is to use Chrome.

I have the new anniversary edition of Windows 10, and Tablo partially works. I can connect and watch live TV (with full grid), but I can’t see any recordings to watch. I also can’t see any shows under Prime Time, sports, etc.

Chrome definitely works best with Win10 and Tablo…

That’s exactly what I am now experiencing. The last PC I had that would still work with Edge broke with the latest update.

+1 for Edge and Windows 10 official support

I had posted above adding to the requests, specifically in the context of an Xbox One app. I since saw there’s an Xbox One app request thread, but with Windows 10/UWP, they’re all potentially the same, so I think it makes sense to just use this thread now. Anyway, I was trying out the Tablo web app on Edge on Xbox One, and it seems to work about the same as on desktop Windows 10. Meaning that I can sporadically watch live TV (though sometimes it goes off to la-la land) but not the grid schedule or recorded shows, etc. (like snowcat mentioned on Win10).

Since the existing app “sort of” works, you’d think that the Tablo guys could tweak their web app to work in Edge on both platforms. It doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult, though I admit I know just enough about this stuff to be dangerous. :smile: Once they did that, I think they should be able to use the Project Westminster bridge to package the web app up into a Windows 10/Xbox One store app which would be less clunky for users to find and run…

Doesn’t Tablo depend on the now deprecated WebSQL? Pretty soon it won’t run in any browser.

What version of Windows 10? I have version 1607 and while Edge doesn’t work, i installed Chrome and it works.

Many don’t want to rely on Google (anti-privacy - advertising supported) products. Edge is nothing like the old Internet Explorer, Edge is extremely standards compliant and battery friendly with none of the bloat from the old IE

Edge doesn’t support (deprecated) WebSQL AFAIK, which I think is required. As I mentioned earlier, Chrome and a list of sub-sub-sub players still support it. But in general, the idea is to migrate away from it.

I prefer Firefox to Chrome. Can Tablo be switched to something besides WebSQL?