Windows 10 app vs - app sucks

What the heck did you guys do? The win 10 works WAY better than the app. The app constantly freezes, skips, crashes, etc. It is UNUSABLE for me.

I have a new Win 10 laptop. Running tablo with the my.tablo is just fine. Running with the app, it just plain don’t work. Same machine, same internet connection.

This app needs to be fixed!!!

I think part of the problem is that the remote streaming quality is not being used. Changing the value in the app does NOT affect the quality at all. It is very obvious, however, in the my.tablo.

In both the app, andf my tablo, the Roku version has a very nicely organized list of recordings in chronological order. But my.tablo, nor the app has that list. Why not? I hate not seeing whats just been recorded.

You guys need to get your act together on this app, its terrible.

It’s back to the future. Not all apps have all filters and features.

All you have to do is compare the filters for recordings, schedule, and TV Shows for the Roku app versus

The Windows 10 App is great. Just click on the 3 bars on the top

left side and everything will appear like magic.

Sorry, but these are not the big problem. Same computer, same internet connection. My. Tablo works great, but the app keeps closing, crashing, player errors, etc. Sometimes it “just disappears”.

Note I am referring to remote access through the internet. And no, not the internet connection - again, same internet connection is fine in the Chrome my.Tablo website.

This is an app issue AFAIK. I would like tablo to investigate and fix.

It’s unusable!

Your best bet is to open up a support ticket directly with Tablo Support so they can work with you directly to figure out why the app isn’t working on your computer.

Good idea. I did, and guess what? Gee, sorry, the remote streaming bandwidth is broken was the response. So I am not ranting crazy (just ranting :-), its a confirmed bug. Grrrr…

Sure hope it gets fixed before the web page no longer works.

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