Will not work as advertised

I am new to Tablo and so far I am not impressed with the support or the product. My set up is as follows.

Lava 8008 Omni-directional antenna that receives well over 60 flawless channels when hooked up to tv tuner. Amp that came with unit is attached.

Roku 4 Ultra where Netflix, Amazon Video, PlayStation Vue play flawlessly. The network information is reported as “excellent”. I am running this device wireless.

CATV cables are all 6 except Tablo cable which is 5e.

Coax RU 6 with no splitters. Total length is about 30 feet.

Router is Netgear 1750 AC 5g and 2.4g. ATT Uverse supplying consistent 22 Mbps. Running on one of two the 5g bands.

Tablo 4 tuner is hardwired to router by Ethernet cord supplied by Tablo. After raising my 22 foot antenna to 29 feet a new Tablo scan produced 39 channels with maximum 5 green ball power. I only selected the major networks and a couple others totaling 7.

Hard drive is Seagate 1TB Expansion drive.

After all this time and expense I get freezing and pixels. I gave the identical information to support and all I got was a reply telling me to rescan. I do not think the person named Matthew even read my message. I have written several emails asking for clarification and help and get nothing. I am hoping that making my issue public will get some sort of reply. It seems by reviewing the comments of Tablo the response always seems to be other devices and equipment is the problem, not the Tablo. I do not understand how everything I own operates great until the Tablo was introduced to the equation. The concept is phenomenal but the product seems flawed. Can someone please help as support seems unable or unwilling to do so. Thank you so much.

Thanks, but as stated above I hooked up direct to one of my TV’s and got over 60 flawless channels. And that was before I extended my antenna another 7 feet. After the height increase there were no channels less than 5 green balls after a Tablo scan when there were several 3 yellow balls before the antenna extension.

I would definitely continue working with support. Number of received channels notwithstanding, if you are getting high signal strength yet things aren’t clear when viewing them it sounds like you may have a bad unit. I receive signficantly fewer channels because of my location and antenna but have not had any freezing or pixelation issues on channels with high signal strength.

I had a similar issue, and considered returning the unit and getting a Tivo. I then used DECA adapters to get wired Ethernet to my Roku. Everything has worked flawlessly since. See this thread: New Tablo User - Initial Impressions



Thanks. Are you talking about something like a gaming adapter so you can use an Ethernet cable? I asked Roku directly if I should hook it up to a gaming router and they said no. I will give it a try.

No. I used a set of adapters that let you use coax (which were installed for DirecTV) to transmit Ethernet signals. I have one coax port where the router is and another by the TV/Roku. I connect one adapter to the router via an Ethernet cable and then to the coax port. On the other end, I have the coax to the adapter to the Roku. I encourage you to read the thread I linked in my original comment.

You can get DECA adapters or MOCA adapters. The DECA are much less expensive, but limit you to 200mps or so (which for my purposes is plenty). If your router has gigabit ports, you may want to spend more for the MOCA adapters.

Thanks a bunch. I am familiar with the moca but not deca. Sounds much like theTivo install with mini Tivos. That was what I was trying to avoid. The support team did a remote access analysis and I will await there recommendations. It would be nice if stuff just worked as advertised. My picture is just bad enough to be very annoying but it appears to be correctable. I certainly hope so. Thanks again.