Will factory resetting the Tablo Quad HDMI bring in missing guide entry listings?

Hi folks,
I just recently set up a new Tablo Quad HDMI connected by HDMI with good signals for the few channels I do get (around 25). However I did a couple of channel rescans daytime vs night time, and as expected, it shows and allows more channels to add to the guide at night, but, the guide won’t repopulate the newly found shows guide info into the program guide time slots. Just the bar timeslot with no program info in them for multiple channels, but not all. Some have stuck and stayed, which I don’t know why?

I can click on the left most area on the channel number area to enter the channel and watch, but those channels which are now missing the guide data won’t record because they’re not there to “schedule them”. I sent in a support ticket, but didn’t know if it’s a waste of time to factory reset the device to force it to “rescan and reload” the guide data from a fresh start or not, like it did properly the very first time I turned it on and ran the scan and updated the guide? That very first time it worked properly.
I had already recorded a few series shows for a week or so, and wouldn’t be losing much, but time.
This is gonna be really frustrating if the thing won’t even do what you’ve bought it for, that being the guide data and recording.
Thanks for any help you might offer,

Just to offer it up for anybody that might run into this situation, I did go ahead and factory reset the device and it downloaded the guide data properly. All good here. Enjoy.

Not sure how long you waited, but the new channels should get guide data when it refreshes. This happens once a day but can be forced in Settings.

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