Wifi vs ethernet

I first connected via WIFi and now have access to Ethernet… I thought plugging in the Ethernet cable to move the traffic. However, the device is still using WiFi despite being plugged in via Ethernet. How do I get the device to change sources?

You just need to reboot the Tablo.

Nope, I’ve done that and the traffic is still on the WiFi.

@3060cjd If you send our support team your MAC address, we can take a look!

I have the same issue. But both my ethernet lights flash at the same time like in a heartbeat.
I contacted support and they told me it was because my unit was plugged into a switch instead of the router. Really?
I have over 200 meg speed over my switch and the other devices work fine on it.
Is tablo special that it won’t work off a switch?

I have my Tablo DVR connected to a switch and it’s working fine.

What’s the problem with your Tablo DVR?

It’s not that a Tablo won’t work connected to a network switch, they’re just looking for reasons why it might not be working properly, and a network switch is and additional complexity that’s an easy target.

I utilized both unmanaged, and managed network switches in my home network environment.
Both types worked well, until they didn’t.
It was difficult to diagnose issues where some network devices would not work, but others did.
Rebooting the network switch would work around the issue, until it occurred again.
Spanning Tree Protocol definitely amplified my issues, but my Sonos devices kinda need it.
The network issues went away when the network switches were out of the picture.
Of course, it could just be me.

Humm, well that is a problem as the router is in a different part of the house where the cable and modem are at

The issue is it works ok on the wireless network, but that network is getting overwhelmed with to many smart devices. So I want to put the tablo on ethernet and the switch is 3 feet away. It is a brand new linksys gig switch and like I said before everything else works fine off of it.
The tablo ethernet port shows both lights on, but they just flash on and off at the same time.
Normal woud be green on steady, and orange flashing with data

Ok I get the lights are bothering you, but are you running into streaming issues when the Tablo is connected via Ethernet?

That is the issue, it won’t connect via ethernet port.

Is it a managed switch or unmanaged switch? If managed, can you login to the switch and put it in unmanaged mode?

Netgear s350

I have a lot of unmanaged switches in my Ethernet network. Because of the construction of the house, it is not “star” topology but in line from switch to switch. I counted and I have 7 switches in line spread through the house. Most of my devices that can be hardwired are, and I haven’t had problems. My wireless network is made up of several Eero Pros, all hardwired for wireless distribution, and no problems there either.

Thanks for the update.
I think it is a bad ethernet jack in the Tablo unit.

This is super easy to confirm. Move the Tablo with its HDD and connect the Tablo directly to your router via Ethernet. You do not need a connection to your OTA antenna to connect to the Tablo and watch previously completed recordings. No need to speculate.

It could also be a bad Ethernet cable. Swapping in a known good cable is probably the quickest test…

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The Tablo should not be able to distinguish a layer 2 (physical) connection to an unmanaged switch and a layer 3 router. As long as it is getting an IP address from the router at the other end… Now that I am writing this, I am wondering if the Tablo is capable of actually having more than one IP address resident in memory - perhaps not. I will say that I agree with your decision to go wired over wireless. Wireless has “overhead” that means more data is needed to convert the stream back to ethernet anyway. A couple of suggestions. See if you can effectively “kill” the wifi in the Tablo - set it up on a temporary SSID and let it think it’s fine and then delete the temporary SSID… If this doesn’t do it, I would probably go for a factory reset. How many recordings do you have on your drive? If you have a spare drive, use that to get through the reset and then put the original drive back in?? Not sure you can actually do that but. There has to be a way!

I’d like to switch from wired Ethernet connection to WiFi from Tablo to my Comcast router, I’ve used a wired Ethernet connection for about a year and it’s been working well… occasionally there’s a disconnect and I have to repeat “ search for Tablo”… for about a week, I’ve been using Tablo via just my WiFi with mixed results. It usually only lasts a day before I need to repeat “ search for Tablo” from my Apple TV. Or from iPhone/ iPad. Sometimes I delete the Tablo app and reinstall back onto AppleTv and then it works again… any suggestions?

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