WiFi not connecting Tablo 4 tuner

Has anyone else had issues with the Tablo WiFi? I can directly connect, choose my router (I’ve tried 2.4 and 5g), enter the password, and nothing. I’ve tried resetting and power cycling the Tablo and Router. Cannot connect on Android, Roku or web. Blue light flashes about once a second. I’m going to move my router upstairs to try a wired connection, but this isn’t a long term solution for me.

I setup one of my Tablos to use WiFi.

The Tablo is on the second floor, and the wireless router is on the first floor.
There’s around 40 feet of distance between the 2.
There’s 1 floor/ceiling, and 2 inner walls between the 2.
Can’t use 5GHz, cuz that frequency doesn’t go thru obsticles, like floors, ceilings, walls, or furniture very well.
We use 2.4GHz frequency with ‘G Only’ mode.
We found that 2.4GHz frequency with ‘Any’ mode, which includes A, B, G, and N causes the Tablo to disappear from the network when not in use.