WiFi lost connection and effects my whole network

(Windows 10 using Century link DSL and 2 google chromecasts)

I have just installed a new unit with updates and connected to the wifi (the tablo was listed on the network and I connected - no problems)
The TV programs were uploaded and all was OK.
There were quite a few channel I didn’t want so I went into the setting and did an update, after that I couldn’t connect and what is worse after trying to connect my internet connection was then lost!
I had to connect to my internet again and the same thing happened when connecting to the tablo.

I rebooted everything - the same problem every time I try to connect to the tablo it breaks the internet connection.
(I have just tried the ethernet connection - and managed to connect - there us no way I can have a wired connection because of the locations of the router and tv)
I will work with you but I am not prepared to spend a lot of time - I will send it back, I am disappointed there is no phone support.

Their support number is listed on their page.

Scroll down to where it says “By Phone”

You can reach us over the phone at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688) - it seems very odd that connecting the Tablo to your Wi-Fi would bring down the network. If you give us a ring, we’d be happy to take a look and help get things up and running.

Sounds like an IP conflict.

Thanks for all the help! The tablo connection was lost after the update - I should have done a resynch, it was a user error I clicked on the tablo wifi beacon to try and connect.