WiFi drops out on connect attempt

Just got my 2 channel Tablo.  I have HD and Antenna hooked up.  I plug in the power and blue LED blinks.  I installed the app on my Android. I attach to the Tablo WiFi fine but then after I put my key into the home WiFi, my Android disconnects from the Tablo WiFi and the Tablo App screen just sits and spins.  Every time I try to connect it does this.  I have also tried connecting via Chrome browser on my desktop which is also connected to my home network via WiFi.  It does the same.

Any ideas?

Try hardwiring the Tablo to your router and setting it all up.  The Tablo works best when hard wired to the router.


Make sure you’re using this Android app. 

Is your home network WPA or WPA2 authenticated? Also make sure that you’re entering the right password - it can time out if the key entered is incorrect.