Wifi connection lost every few days

About once a week, I have to do a soft reboot to get my wifi connection back. My tablo is in the same room as my router. I read on one of the sites that I needed to set up a DHCP server with tablo having a designated mac address. I did that and it still is losing its signal. Any other ideas?

Assumption: you assigned a DHCP reservation on the ONLY ONE DHCP server (usually your “wireless router” that is the master distribution point for your network). More than one DHCP server = frustrations.

Something that you can try if my assumptions are correct is to change the default “DHCP Lease” time to something longer.

(Typically shows up as a number of seconds; some will show as hours. mine for example is 86400 seconds, which = 1 day)

For anyone looking for an answer to my question.
Setting up a DHCP server didn’t work.
What did work was I raised the tablo so it rests on a mesh shelf to get the air circulating under it. I haven’t had any problems for since. I guess it was getting too hot.

I wonder if the mesh shelf caused interference problem for the wifi?

I have not had any problems with interference.