Wifi channels

Does anybody know what wireless settings Tablo supports? I am having difficulty getting it on my 5ghz N network. I have my 2.4 and 5 named differently and the Tablo can see both networks. My older iPhone can’t see the 5ghz so am I correct in assuming since the Tablo can see the 5ghz it has a 5ghz radio?


Do you mean that devices connected to your 5 ghz can’t see the Tablo but when you connect the device to 2.4 ghz you are able to connect.

I had the issue too but it was more on the router settings and nothing to do with Tablo. There is a Network Isolation setting in 5 Ghz in most of the router. Go ahead and remove that setting and you should be able to connect.

The Tablo supports both frequency bands.

@gradman2k3 - We have dual-band Wifi so it should be A-OK. Tweak the isolation setting and if you run into issues, please let us know.

I had the Network isolation unchecked and it still did not work. I decided to go with a wired connection and have not had any issues. It is a little choppy with Chrome but oddly enough works great with Firefox. IE was not, and will not be, tested or used :slight_smile:

I have another ticket dealing with port mapping that I am more concerned with at the moment.

Thanks for the suggestions.