Wifi and hardwire questions


I have had my tablo for a couple weeks now. It took me 2 days to get it installed trying wifi so hard wired it to my router modem. Tablo is next to my pc. Tempoary Using a 30 foot rg-6 running down the hall from the antenna connections from behind tv to tablo. My question is+ is the wifi signal broadcast from the tablo or are they sent thru the hardwire to the be broadcast from the routerI? My router is centraly located and if the signals are broadcast from the router I think I want to relocate the tablo near the tv where the antenna wires are. Plan on getting another tablo so think it would be just as easy to run a couple ethernet cables to the tablo antenna location .



If the Tablo is on ethernet (hardwired), then the Wifi signals are coming from your Wifi access point (usually your router). So move the Tablo to where the Antenna cable is.

And don’t run multiple ethernet cables to the TV location (unless it’s REALLY easy). Get an inexpensive ($15) ethernet switch to put at the TV location and connect both Tablos to it. And the TV or streamer box you’re using on that TV.


Can I use a 4g router to the tablo for wifi from my Verizon jet pack?[quote=“solarvick, post:1, topic:18359”]


Can not tell you much about Verizon routers. I have Armstrong cable and use their modum router. I tried for 3 days to get it connected to wifi and couldn,t get it to connect. Kept getting messages that my service was not secure enough. After adding some Norton stuff and using their browser I got it hardwired and connected. Have read here that others couldn,t get their tablo to connect to wifi. I just got my tablo connected on the last day of the lifetime membership. I have some roku players and a couple amazon 4k sticks.