Why the auto-pause on rewind or forward fuctions?

Why does the video automatically pause if you fast forward or rewind, instead of just continuing to play at either end of the rewind/forward?
To me that’s a very annoying aspect of using the R/F function.

It doesn’t happen when you use repeat, just when you either use rewind or forward.

I actually like that because sometimes I forward to the point it is going to start again and then go do something. So I guess it is a matter of individual choice :wink:


Good point!
Although I’d prefer it work like other systems, the tip is appreciated … and one that I will put to use as you have advised! :slight_smile:

Maybe I misunderstood… Are we talking fast forward on a particular device? Roku does not start after fast forward, but say web browser does…

Yup, I was talking about with my Roku, and your tip is a good one.
Glass is half full!! :slight_smile:

Well, we have asked for the ability to go more than the 10 seconds Roku does, not sure if that is even on the roadmap at this point :confused:

@Jestep - We don’t have a lot of control over devices that use the native players which Roku does so unless we develop and support our own playback window on Roku it’s not really possible to tweak how FFWD works.

You can use the actual FFWD buttons to move faster: