Why Is there no real-time signal strength meter?

I recently lost signal to one of my OTA channels and other is dropping out. I am trying to trouble shoot the problem. Why Is there no real-time signal strength meter? If I had strength meter maybe it could tell what’s going on. When I run a scan Tabolo says the channel is their.


I wondered about that too, having to hook antenna to a TV or in my case a Tivo to adjust it. But I suppose keeps cost and complexity down.

Simple answer is that it hasn’t been prioritized. Tablo is relatively small with limited resources…

They put out a customer survey a few times a year and will work on features that are most requested first. As for most, this is a limited issue, only needed during initial setup or when new channels come on board, historically customers have asked for other features at a higher rate.

I do find it frustrating though and HAVE cast my vote for this on the last few surveys.

You can reach out to Tablo support and they can take a peak under the hood to help you.