Why is the guide download sooo sloowwwww?

I just received a new tablo 2 DVR, and things are hooked up fine, i can connect to the device, and scan the channels fine.
But after i add the channels, (no more than 25) it seems to take a very long time (more than 5 minutes) to download the guide…Ugghhh, this happens every time i update or re-scan channels. Why? I have the device on a network that is connected at over 100Mb/sec via cable internet.
Setup is default, with a 640GB USB drive attached and formatted by the Tablo 2.
Am i missing something? or is this what i am supposed to put up with?

The first time you load channels it takes about 1 min/channel. I load 35 and it takes about 40 mins. After the first time it is faster. Relax and have a cool one:)

I am not sure why it takes so much time, but it does. So what I recommend is to get a list of channels that you are comfortable with and stick with it. The Tablo will update your guide around 2 AM local time, so you won’t even notice it.

I added a couple of SD channels to my Tablo this week, and I was surprised how long it took. But that was my first channel change in months. The rest of the time, I never even see it happen.

Don’t mean to disgree with others here… but if syncing to a phone or web or other i/f that presents the nicer db of available shows, if you haven’t syncd in a couple of days, it can be painfully slow as there’s just a lot of data to cache locally. Given their current design, not sure if the problem is easily solved. So… when I say sync and sync often, I mean at LEAST once a day. If not, it will be slow right when you need everything to be fast.

Thanks for the quick updates. I factory reset it and let it scan the airwaves again. Will just let it do it’s thing and see what happens.
Just wish i could selectively add channels from a new channel scan. It seems to not be as sensitive as the ATSC tuner in the Vizio TV i have.

The Tablo has an internal 1x4 splitter so the signal is degraded hence not as sensitive. It is also amplified to minimize the loss.