Why is signal strength different indoors/out in scan?

I have one channel from which I record often where the recordings often are pixelated and jumpy. When I do a channel scan on my laptop inside in the house on the Tablo app, it shows three bars on that channel. So I go outside to adjust the antenna (still in wifi range) and repeat the channel scan, and it shows five bars. How? Wherever my tablet is, it’s reading the scan from the same Tablo, same app. I haven’t touched the antenna. Why do I get two different readings? And how can optimize the signal if it shows five bars but really isn’t?

Are you standing next to the antenna when it’s doing the channel scan? Just standing next to the antenna can effect the RF signal it’s receiving.

Your TV may have a signal meter. I use a TV, the Tablo and my PC (which has a TV tuner card) to get as many readings as possible from different sources to adjust my antenna.

I noticed the same thing. The tablo’s signal strength indicator is not even close to realistic. I scan find 1 station weak scan again its now green. I did nothing. I have weak stations I set up live play they are fine.

Radio waves are funny things… first and foremost it is something you cannot see. They bounce off surfaces, get absorbed by materials, and are susceptible to other forms of energy that will disrupt it, including the very computer that is in your hand. You can measure it in one instance but that doesn’t guarantee the next. The idea is finding a way to receive the signal consistently.