Why is my new Tablo not recording?

I just got my 4 tuner Tablo and got it set up and going. I have a Seagate Expansion 5TB drive connected to it and I updated it to the 2.2.2 firmware. The guide is still downloading and has been for several hours now. I picked a couple of shows and told the Tablo to record new episodes. In the program guide when I hit live TV there’s a little orange icon in the corner that looks like a clock for each of the episodes I was expecting to be recorded.

However, it doesn’t appear that the Tablo recorded them at all. Nothing shows up in recordings. There is a ‘new’ icon in the program guide for these shows. Did I miss something? Will it not record shows until the program guide finishes downloading?

How many channels do you have on your Tablo? I only have 15 and it finishes in an hour or less. The more stations you have, the longer it is going to take to download. I’ve never tried recording while guide is downloading. I did record the NBC Nightly News tonight on my Segate Expansion Desktop 5 TB without any problems.

Counting each sub channel as an individual channel, I have 66 channels. Even so, it seems to be taking a terribly long time to download. The progress bar is at about 80% now and it’s been going for a good 7 or 8 hours at this point. I imagine it will finish overnight and I’ll try again in the morning.

What is your internet connection speed? Do not have ANY streaming going on anything connected to your connection, and go to www.speedtest.net to test your speed. Higher is better. Mine is

If your internet speed is close to mine or faster, then I would think it should not take more than 4 or 5 hours. Do you watch all 66 channels? Your Tablo can receive 66 channels and you only have 30 of them active. I do not include the Spanish stations or infomercial stations because I don’t understand Spanish and don’t want the infomercials. The fewer active channels you have the faster the guide will update. The first time you download the guide might take longer. I don’t know if the whole guide is downloaded each time (I think so, to catch any programming changes) or just the next day.

Thanks for the reply. My internet connection is quite fast. 131Mbps down and 11.9Mbps up. I imagine that I won’t watch a lot of these channels, but I didn’t recognize many of them, so I figured I would add them all, then later remove the ones I didn’t want.

The good news is that the guide download did finish overnight and this morning I set up a subscription for a show and it did record it as expected, so perhaps it was just an issue with the guide doing its initial download. I’ll certainly keep an eye on it over the next few days, but right now things seem good.


@BrettS - Glad to hear things sorted out. @TabloSupport is happy to help if you have any issues moving forward.