Why does the Tablo need to re-sync everytime I switch TVs? (Android TV)

I have three Xiaomi Mi Boxes and one Nvidia Shield TV that all use the same Android TV Tablo app.

Every time I switch to a different TV the Tablo has to be backed out and then I have to re-sync the Tablo over network before I can get to the guide again.

This is an extremely poor user experience. If i have to do this every time I want to watch live TV the Tablo is going back to Amazon.

Welp. Just processed the return with Amazon.

Switching between multiple tvs was just not a good experience with a Tablo.

Just for clarification, the data is stored locally in the apps, it’s not the Tablo itself re-syncing, it’s the app on the individual devices syncing and getting updated information. That why it was happening on each device.

I posted a similar topic in another section. If we didn’t watch TV so infrequently, I would probably give up and buy dedicated 4K Roku boxes instead of suffering the re-syncing on the TVs. (We have 2 Android TVs and 1 TV with a Roku 3; the Roku performs flawlessly and has obviously been polished quite a bit by Tablo.)