Why does the Samsung Tablo app omit the comerical skip feature?

I have a quad network attached rig and the commercial skip feature works fairly well on all my platforms except on my smart Samsung TV. The App on my Samsung smart TV doesn’t even acknowledge there is such a thing a commercial skip. It works on my smartphones, my amazon firestick on my dumb Samsung TV etc.

I don’t see smart Samsung TV on the list of supported devices.

Tablo’s Premium Service enables the Automatic Commercial Skip feature which makes it possible for your Tablo OTA DVR to play the majority of completed recordings without ads on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS and Android mobile devices, and PC/MAC.

What version is the Samsung app?

Automatic Commercial Skip was never added to the Samsung app which is no longer being updated.

Your best bet to have the same experience on that TV is to pick up another Fire TV device over Prime Day for that television.


Firesticks work flawlessly on this end.