Why does tablo sux

Works when it wants to work. It won’t connect properly every single time. Why won’t they fix it and make it as responsible and effective as sling TV or hulu

Do you have the tablo hard wired into your router or is it wireless?  It works best hardwired.  You may want to include some of your specs for setup, it makes it easier for people to help diagnose your issue

Mine works perfect. I use Tablo to watch live TV as much as I do recordings. When I read posts like this I do feel for the person experiencing issues but the issues almost always turn out to be wireless or LAN issues.

Works when it wants to work. It won’t connect properly every single time. Why won’t they fix it and make it as responsible and effective as sling TV or hulu

As responsible <sic> as SlingTV?  Huh.  I’d throw it away if it acted like that! 

Works when it wants to work. It won't connect properly every single time. Why won't they fix it and make it as responsible and effective as sling TV or hulu

perhaps because its not broken?

Mine works great … maybe you have a problem with your local wireless setup … or some other issue that is specific to YOUR INSTALLATION IN YOUR HOME.

Mine has been working perfectly since May 2014. If you want actual help, please provide us with more information about your setup. There is likely a serious issue somewhere.

I have two Tablos (a 2-tuner and a 4-tuner) and they both work better than I could have hoped for.  However, now and then (very rarely) something does go wonky.  That is when I contact @TabloSupport and they are very quick to sort out my issue.  Often they can do it remotely.

I’ve had mine for two months and it’s been a dream. I use it everyday and I couldn’t recommend more.

Most issues I’ve had have been due to the various control methods or interfaces, few with the Tablo itself. 

There have been issues that were indeed Tablo issues - and I say that because the most recent firmware upgrade actually made some things work a lot better with NO other changes, Chromecast works a ton better, for example. Other things have been tweaked or fixed, but most of the time I find major issues are browser related, network related or weird network issues fixed when I did a FULL shut-down and restart of the router. Just doing a quick “apply” sort of reset doesn’t work well enough. Sort of like telling Windows to “restart” doesn’t REALLY clear the NIC and other devices and start over but a shutdown, count to 10, turn it on again does. I’ve found the same for the network - a quick reboot doesn’t work but a FULL reboot where it actually goes through the full off and on cycle DOES fix things. 
Can’t fully blame Tablo for that although it’s the only device I have that requires such drastic action, the exact cause I have not yet nailed down so I won’t blame the Tablo device at this time. 
It also records old shows on the retro channels REALLY weird, while my DVD recorder does a perfect job with those exact same old shows on the same channel, but again, the exact reason isn’t something I have messed with as my wife has been “ok” with it as long as I set the TV viewing mode so the playback appears undistorted. (not necessary if I record and play back using our DVD recorder.)
But that’s another thing I’m not really totally upset about as the current or newer or more recent shows always record and play fine. (if not the reason is usually a reception issue)
We recorded several shows yesterday and last evening between the two of us. They all recorded fine. We watched 2 of them later last evening and the playback (via FireTV stick) went more smoothly and we watched more quickly and easily than any other device or method I have.

If you are having issues connecting to the tablo locally then it is the wireless setup. Make sure the router is setup properly and make sure the Tablo ip has a looooong lease in the router. I had that issue where my router renews the lease every day and Tablo would not connect properly unless I bounce the router or tablo to get a new lease. So I changed the lease to as much as possible and never had an issue after that.

I am fairly new to the Tablo Scene (about a month or so) but it has been working just fine.  Mine is wired and I am not using wifi for the Tablo.  I also have the Roku3’s (3 of them) wired and a Roku HD connected via wifi and all work just fine.  The interface works perfectly on my PC’s, Tablets and Smartphones with no issues.  Can you share your configuration such as who your internet provider is and what bandwidth are you subscribed to and also what router are you using, etc.

@bringthegym We’re happy to work with you directly! Feel free to send us a ticket with the details and we’ll get this fixed up.