Why can't they fix this?

God, I hate Tablo. This issue has been complained about for better than a year with no resolution. Pause live tv, then hit play and it goes back to the beginning of a show. Try that with any sporting event and see how irritating it is to go back 2 hours to the start of the game. FIX IT ALREADY!

I’ve only seen this for shows marked as live, the tablo has the extend live option on, is actually recording in the extended time frame, and you are watching the recording and then pause while tablo is recording in the extend live area. When you start to watch after the pause it starts at the beginning

Of course this has been going on for over 4 years. I just gave up and learned to pause before the end time and wait until the recording completes.

I never turn on “extend live” option. If I record a sports event, I just set the option “stop 1 hour late”. If it is really important to me, I’ll go the the 2 hour option.

Since I don’t know precisely what Tablo does when it has extend live option on, I never bothered to use it. How exactly does it work? I’m assuming it just extends for a set period of time, I doubt it is actually looking for the end of the event.

It extends by 50% of the original runtime. A 3 hour scheduled will end up 4.5 hours. It does the same with season finales, although I’m not sure if that’s controlled by the extend time option or not.

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