Why can we not install the previous version until 2.2.2 is workable?

I’ve asked this in other threads re: the “loading issue” and no answer. So I make a specific request here. Right now my Tablo is only usable for testing; cannot watch Live or Recorded shows. I have tried every recording and play back suggestion, so please skip those. Why can I not just install the previous version which worked fine, just missing some of the new features? Can’t you just post it as an option? Or push to MAC addresses that request it? If there is some reason that it just can’t be done, I would appreciate a statement of that and an explanation.

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And let me add to that…having the ability for user to roll-back to an earlier version of firmware is a great idea. @TabloTV please also get rid of the nagging screen about update being available every time I connect to my Tablo. After I saw the update notice for the first time and declined it, I don’t want to see it again until the next version is ready. If and when I want to upgrade to the newer firmware, I will go to the setting tab. Thank you.

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+1 for me, new fall seasons start Monday and I am afraid tablo will miss many of my new programs.
I only had 4 shows sceduled this week and Tablo manage to miss 1…

Just to be sure I would unschedule all my shows and re-schedule them so it’s updated in the new database.

What device do you watch Tablo on? There is no support until Monday. The Roku LT is KNOWN not to work for watching live or recorded, and if you ask, they are pushing the beta to those people (or at least they were).

And select record all.

I seriously doubt that will happen. It would be a support nightmare to try to offer support for multiple firmware versions.

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@philsoft Tablo is embeded Linux, and the 2.2.2 was a major Linux upgrade, not just simply adding features. The version of Linux now supports larger drives, and is why larger drives now work on a Tablo. The file system or databases might have also changed. I assume the Tablo software is written to an internal disk since we can change hard drives. I don’t know how big the internal disk is. It might not be big enough to store the old operating system.

I don’t know if you responded to me by accident or?? This doesn’t really have anything to do with my point, which was that allowing users to roll back firmware is not a likely scenario due to the fact that supporting multiple firmware versions would be pretty impossible.

Sorry - should have been @lowbee

Like you said, it would be hard. It’s hard enough supporting the latest release and also supporting those that have not upgraded yet.

I feel your pain. I long for the carefree, pre-2.2.2 days, a simpler time during which the Tablo worked most of the time.

Wait, what? 2.2.2 doesn’t record scheduled shows?

Yeah, kind of annoying having a $200 + HD appliance that is unusable. Went back to using direct OTA to the TV until they can resolve everything that’s broken now.