Why are movies still in the guide after the showing date is past?

I get about 100 rows of seven movies when I go to Movies / All. There are some duplicates which I get may be because different channels have slightly different descriptions, but the list includes movies that had one showing two weeks ago.  Why would this still be in the list?  How do I make it show only things that will come on in the future?  

@unclfuzzy What app are you seeing this on? The http://my.tablotv.com/ portal?

Yes. from my chromebook.  It’s too busy and slow to look at from the phone or Roku.

I just re-scanned and re-downloaded and the expired listings are still in there.

Clear all the cache of the browser and let it sync brand new - may take some time

I cleared everything tablotv from the cache on my Chromebook and it still has every movie that has ever been in the guide since I first plugged it in.  Even if that worked, I’d really rather not wipe everything on my Chromebook out every time I want to look at listings.  There’s a reason these thing cache, save cookies, etc.

OK. I disconnected/deleted/reconnected/re-synced and now the expired listings are gone.  Hopefully that was a fluke and I won’t have to do this every week or two.