Why all hdtv channels I ve been watching not in picture but only 3 CBS channels now?

Nothing now so plz refer to above questuon

I am not sure what the question is. Can you clarify some more?

My dtv has scanned all 11 hdtv channels and been watching em now with no major problem. But then as for first time recently few days now it knocked down to 3 channels of CBS There a main CBS and two subchannels are all I have now. So where are my other 6 channels? NBC, ION, FOX and ABC. Also Bounce TV, Escape, Grit and Laff? They gone. I done repositioned , dtv on rescan and etc. Nothing has bought em back. How can I test if its my dtv turner , reconnection coxible cable or they are towers or tv stations being out?

Unless you’ve had some localized weather issue, etc. it would seem highly unusual that all the networks would be gone (I guess unless they are all located in the same physical location, which isn’t uncommon, and something happened at that location). I wouldn’t think it’s your coax/antenna cable if only because if it’s the cable it should really be an all or nothing type scenario, not everything except CBS and it’s sub-channels.

I assume you have cycled power on everything?

Check your antenna, mate. Maybe it has moved. I had the same same one time and my antenna had been knocked out of alignment.