Who's where and how many of us are there?

Hey @Tablotv, I was puttering with my stuff (I have far more interest in playing with electronics than actually watching anything on TV! ;)) when a thought occurred to me.

Can you guys provide a blog post with the breakdown of Tablos registered per zip code? That way we can get a feeling for how many other Tablo users are near us? Maybe we can even arrange meetup if there are a few fellow Tabloians * nearby.

*Spell checker wanted to change this to “Tabloids”, so I’m amused. :slight_smile:

I for instance would be interested in comparing number of stations and signal strengths with other people living in my Zip code.

Also, I recently relocated my Tablo to a cookie stand, and I’m wondering if that affects anything other than neatness and heat dissipation. I read an official response somewhere where @tabloTV told a user that a metal trivet under the Tablo would affect the signal quality - that was puzzling to me.

For myself, I’ve not noticed a degradation in signal quality, but I’ve noticed a reduction of perhaps 20F in the Tablo’s temperature. To a cozy 112F from about 132-125F. Now it’s running at a mere 32F over ambient - which was 80F when I measured.

Picture for those who like pictures. :wink:

The thread? I guess I have to share… :wink:

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You my friend have a very neat setup!