Whoo Hoo, 4 years with Tablo!

Just got my 4 year anniversary badge on the forums (of course, I may have had my Tablo since before then).


Actually, I RMA’d my first Tablo in early July 2014 likely due to a bad USB connection. Anyway, the one I got back has been rock solid ever since.

Just passed my 3rd year. :slight_smile:


Finally just retired my original 2-Tuner in favor of a new Tablo DUAL LITE (I’ve also got a DUAL 64).

And not because there’s anything wrong with it (aside from its throwback aesthetics - look ma, no branding!), but because I wanted to try out the Cloud DVR.

Just had @TabloSupport check and it’s ‘first seen’ date: Mar 25, 2014.

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I’ve had mine for 4 yrs and 1 month with no badges :disappointed:

I just looked, and you have two anniversary badges (and your third will be here this month). Just click on your name, and you will see all your badges on this forum.

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OK, I almost never go there. :grin:

3 years in October. Can’t imagine not having it!

4 years for me. I’ve had mine since July of 2014.

I just got my 4 year badge as well. I was an early adopter, pre-ordered the 4 turner before it launched and was part of the first batch. Probably one the first people to get one as I live in Ottawa. It’s been rock solid ever since, haven’t had any issues with it.

Tablo was a big part of getting an acceptable cord-cutting solution that the wife would go along with.

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I guess I’m in this club too!

Just passed my 3rd year anniversary with Tablo. It is awesome . Just wish support was open on Saturdays. at least once a month. Not all day…just 4 hours, such as 10-2.

Three years and four months for us. We cut the cord years before Tablo and would have never gone back even without it. Had an analog OTA DVR but that pretty much became a pain to use after everything went digital. Tablo to the rescue. It made OTA a better experience than cable could ever be. Never a shortage of free TV shows to watch.

Just over three years myself. However, I would have purchased a Tablo way before then had I known it existed. Previously I had limped along with a TV tuner card in my PC and a dvd recorder with a built-in in digital tuner and internal hard drive to store recordings. Real state-of-the-art at the time, or so I thought.