Whitepaper vs. User Manual?

Does anyone know of another source, like a 3rd party whitepaper, that provides more info, beyond the current Tablo User Manual, on various options within the Tablo system (for example, hardwired vs. wifi connection)?

There’s more information on the Knowledge Base ( http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us ) in addition to the User Guide. For example, http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/articles/204797555-On-Demand-Webinar-How-to-set-up-your-Tablo-via-WiFi-or-Ethernet- . Had you noticed the additional pages?
I’m not aware of additional 3rd party docs, but perhaps someone else knows of something.

Thanks, StuTomato—

I’ve seen this info, but I was hoping for a bit more in-depth explanation. As far at the example you gave, I’m not really looking for setup using hardwire, but rather full-time connection via a hardwired configuration.

Anyway, thanks for your input.