Which tablo to get

my dual tablo tuners died. im looking to buy a new tablo, is the new 4th generation worth it or should i try for a another dual.

with whatever one i get will i be able to watch my old recordings?

If you are wanting to watch your old recordings, you will have to get a legacy Tablo. The file formats are very different for the 4th gen Tablo.

If your dead Tablo had a lifetime subscription, getting a legacy replacement makes the most sense. If you didn’t have a lifetime subscription and you are willing to start over (and you don’t live in Canada), a 4th gen may be better.

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thank you. ive taken tablo ripper and copied the recorded shows to disk…

I bought the new Tablo and took it back after 3 days. To many problems. Buy one of the older Tablos and you will be a lot happier

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