Which Roku should I buy?

Assuming my new hard drive fixes my Tablo, which currently-available-on-Amazon.com-with-Prime-shipping Roku should I buy for maximum compatibility w/ Tablo and minimum fuss?

This one will make for the best Roku experience right now. It is the Flagship model.

Ive had good success with the Roku stick, which goes for about $50, but I know many folks like the high end Roku 3. Also, a new high end Roku is purported to be coming. In my case, with 4 Tvs to feed, I didn’t want to break the bank. One Tv had already come with a Roku stick, so I decided to stay with that model. Tho not containing the most powerful processor, they work well for me, with no issues. I do reboot them occasionally, for the best experience.

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player (4230R) With Voice Search (2015 model). If you don’t have an HDMI cable, you might want to get that from Amazon at the same time.

From things I’ve read on the internet, I think the Roku 4 will be available before Black Friday.

Note that NONE of the Roku’s can be used away from home for Tablo (it can be for all other channels)
Amazon Prime Video and Netflix just require you to sign in with your email address and password and it works. None of that stupid pairing that is used with Tablo.

ROKU 3 is currently recommended.

It is the only model with a connector for an ethernet cable, so you can hardwire it to your router.


I have almost one of each Roku…an LT, 2 (2015 model), stick, and 3.

From my experiences, the 2, stick, and 3, don’t have any major playing differences. All stream my Tablo without any appreciable change in buffering/quality/etc…I also believe that the 2015 models of the 2 use the same processor as the 3’s.

There are small nuances, though…2 and 3 feel just a little faster with loading a tablo stream, and also faster on things like navigating or loading the recording menu, guide, etc…The voice search on 3 is also a nice luxury for your other Roku apps. These aren’t major items (to me, at least), but noticeable over time.

Not certain of your budget, but I’d consider getting a stick or Roku 2 ($70) to save a few bucks and hold out for the 4 on your ‘main’ TV (and then maybe purpose the stick to another TV). I’ve read it’ll have 4k streaming support and 5x processing speeds of the 3.

If you can wait, the Roku 4 is coming and there will be a significant performance bump from the leaks I’ve read.

I’m not pleased with the bugs on the Roku, the major apps (Netflix, Hulu, even Tablo) crash and the device restarts a few times a week. I’m getting the new Apple TV, I’m hoping for a less buggy experience with a slick interface.