Which ROKU devices are you using?

I currently have a ROKU Stick, ROKU HD and ROKU 1.   My tablo is wired to my router and all 3 ROKUs are wireless.  I know there are a few issues with the stick and 1.   I am trying to see what type of issues, if any, others are having.  Here are my main issues.

ROKU STICK - Live TV seems to buffer more with the stick.  If I pause the live TV 10 seconds, the buferring isn't an issue. 

ROKU 1 - Live TV does great but resuming playback after FF takes approximately 20 seconds. 


I have 2 Roku 3’s that are wired and seem to work very well. There are some features that have been mentioned that would make the Roku experience even better, but so far I’m quite pleased.

Sportpilot, let me ask you a couple of questions.

1) Dumb question, how did you wire the roku 3's?  Are they wired to your router?  Assume you had to run Ethernet cables from router to both ROKU 3's.

2) Do you have any issues with "LOADING" or "BUFFERING" during LIVE TV?

3) How quickly does your program resume playback after your FF?

  1. Yes, the Roku’s are wired with Ethernet cables to a switch that is connected to the router.
    2) Haven’t seen any buffering issues with Live TV so far.
    3) About 2 seconds.

    Hope this helps…

Tell me if I am wrong but isn't the only ROKU that can be hard wired to router thru Ethernet Cable, the ROKU 3?

I have roku 3s all wired and they work without a hitch.  I also have a few roku 2 XS wired and wireless.  Wired works good but slower than roku 3 of course and wireless is almost unusable.  I had said previously in another post that wireless on the 2 XS was great, but i failed to really run it through the paces, just checkd that playback worked and loaded, etc… not so much :slight_smile:

I have a couple 2 XS’s that I had wired prior to purchasing the 3’s. That was before I bought the Tablo, so I can’t comment on their performance with it.


Using a wired Roku 2XS, no problems with buffering.

Roku 3 here - using wireless I had a few buffering problems with live TV and 1080p recordings, but then I used powerline ethernet adapters to hardwire the Roku 3 using the electrical lines in my place and the buffering issue disappeared.

I hear the interface is also more responsive / quicker on the Roku 3, might be worth the purchase. New Netflix interface is great too. 

I am thinking I am going to have to switch to the ROKU 3 and get the powerline adaptors.  Which adaptors are you using?  Care to share a link?

Also, does the wifi feature on the roku 3 remote work well without having to point at the roku 3 box? Does it have good distance?

My dad uses the following with much success

@wkufan92, because it uses wi-fi, the distance is huge.  I have my roku in my living room upstairs.  I just did a test, and I could go downstairs, go to my upstairs bathroom in the corner of the house, and even go out my front door all the way to the street and still use the remote.  

A Roku 3 wired, works perfect
Roku MHL streaming stick (in 3m projector) Works perfect with Tablo and whatever else
Roku XDS Too old for tablo, but works with plex and whatever else
Regular Streaming Stick - Practically worthless (Buffers all the time on Plex, and forget about Tablo)

PIX64, that link isn’t working for me. 

Sorry about that


Another option might be Ethernet over Coax (MoCA) if your house is already wired for cable:


Got a 3. No Tablo yet but it is great. Wireless connected and no issues. WIll set up Tablo with another 3 (still need to purchase) but will not be wireless. Will have Tablo, Roku 3 and both XBOX (360 and One) via Ethernet. 

I am running 2 Roku’s 3’s and one Roku HD. One roku 3 is wired the other is not. They were both wireless but my bedroom one is on the 2nd floor and the Wifi is in basement. I would get lots of loading while watching TV as soon as I hard wired perfect. See below for hardwired options. The 2nd roku 3 on on main floor not to far from wifi and is working great wireless. Roku 3’s are way better then any other rokus. Yes they are more but to help keep your sanity I would pony up the extra money. My roku HD is now in my kids room and I get annoyed with how long it can take to load stuff up since I’m used to the roku 3 now. Also I tried some roku HD’s refurbished from amazon and did not get great results. Had some trouble with Tablo and lots of trouble with Plex, just not worth it. On a side not if you have not go check out Plex as well. It is a great supplement to cutting the cable cord. And that brings me to the wired part. As sportpilot said Ethernet over cable is a great option (MoCA) specifically if you have cut your cable. If so then look into http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004HAOWLW/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 at amazon it is a modified (MoCA) that was made “just” for DirecTV it uses a different frequency then others that wont bother your direcTV besides that it is totally the same technology EXCEPT it is way cheaper. $14 and free shipping if you hit $35. You will need 2 one for the Tx and one Rx. Once you have a Tx one then add as many Rx ones as you need thought out the house. But you also cant run TV signal and internet signal at same time thats were the expensive ones come in. But if you are cutting the cord like a lot of Tablo users and have cable running to every room, this could save you a buck or two.

I had a current model 2 and 3 and never could get the 2 working with Tablo (went through everything with Tablo support via email) and finally gave up and bought a second 3 and sold off my 2. 

The report is that many people with the current Roku2 do not have problems, but I never got mine working.
I now have two 3’s and one is wired while the other is wireless. Both get similar results with speed tests and little to no buffering issues.