Which App Is Your Favorite?

I’ve primarily watched Tablo recordings on my iPhone so far. I also have an Amazon Fire Stick (which we primarily use when we travel) and a Roku (which I just used for Tablo for the first time). As another poster recently noted, they’re all different.

I understand that each platform has different limitations, so they’re not all going to be the same. And they’re all cheap enough that I don’t mind buying something different.

So which one is your favorite, and what features make it your favorite?

Most people say they love the Apple TV 4 or NVIDIA Shield for the speed of the apps.

I can attest the Fire TV app is a lot faster on the Fire TV box than on the Fire TV Stick.

Which Roku device are you using?

+alot for Apple tv4, not as feature packed as the ios ver. But it’s getting there.
Very fast wired to ac router, tablo hard wired.

ATV 4 for me. It’s fast and has the cleanest interface for me.

I find tablo to be very smooth when using it. My 2 cents.

Primarily using the Roku on 4 TV sets, but I also use my Galaxy S6 phone and Windows 10 tablets.

I find that it’s easier to schedule new shows to watch, especially if they fall within the 2 week schedule window, on my Windows 10 tablets.

For TV viewing, I find the Roku works well for me. Three of my TVs have Roku streaming sticks, and not long ago, I replaced the MHL Roku stick on my primary, living room TV with a Roku 4 I got a really good deal on at Walmart. It’s very responsive and has a fairly comprehensive feature set. The only downside I’ve noticed, and this happens very rarely, is that occasionally when watching live TV, it spontaneously exits back to the guide. I occasionally notice this watching recorded content as well, getting kicked back to the recorded shows thumbnails. Other than that, it’s been a really good performer for me.

I have an older Roku XS and a newer Roku stick, and I think it’s the Roku stick that I’m using in that room.

I would consider an Apple TV, but we also watch Netflix and Amazon Video, and I’d prefer a single device that does all three. Unless something has changed, I don’t think Apple supports Netflix or Amazon Video.

You can watch Netflix on an Atv4, no joy for amazon video.

If you want both, get a fire tv. Not the stick.

My 2 Nexus players are the top performers in my house. I started out with Roku’s but once you try a Nexus player you soon move the Roku’s to the lesser used TVs. I recently purchased a Fire TV Stick when Shopko had them on sale and with a $10 coupon got it for under $30. Wanted it for Prime Video cuz Nexus players have no app for it. Seems to perform about the same as the Nexus players. But with over 50 OTA channels available and if you don’t use it for many days, syncing can take a long time. So we choose to always us the Nexus players for Tablo.