Where to report minor app development issues?

Is this where we should report problems and minor inconsistencies between the apps? The one I notice most is that if I am downstairs using my new Roku TV, the guide shifts even though I have only 6 stations selected.

On my other TV, where I use a 4k Fire TV stick, the “Tablo Preview” handles this correctly / properly.

Bottom line, if the guide has 6 or fewer channels it should never do the motion up and down when looking through channels.

My Roku TV pushes the top channel out of the display if I look at the bottom 3 channels, and then only gets it back when I move back to the top 3.

Hrm… Do you have the 14-day grid enabled in the settings screen of your Tablo app on Roku?

Yes, on both sides. The point is that the two are inconsistent and the behavior should always be for the guide NOT to shift up or down when there are 6 (or fewer) channels displayed.

The “Preview” version on the FireTV side already does it correctly, only the Roku version moves up & down so you lose one channel sometimes.