Where to obtain replacement repair parts

Where can I purchase repair parts? The coax connector that is crimped to a little folded silver box held in place with 4 soldered’s prongs connected to the board has broke off. The connector broke off of the silver box.

Otherwise it works fine.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is any place that offers replacement parts specifically for your Tablo. If you search enough electronic parts companies you might find a similar part and if you are extremely handy with repairing printed circuit boards, you might be able to repair it. Otherwise, I would say that it’s time for a new Tablo. Sorry.

I asked and they dont sell replacement parts. Its a second unit so no hurry. Ill find some way to connect the coax before i throw it away.

Can’t you just search on line and find various parts.



Im not super handy but it doesnt look that complicated. Ill watch something on youtube. Was hoping for an exact part…soneone done this before its a no brainer. It looks like a metal box the connector is crimped to it. Was hoping for a simple nut on back to tighten. No such luck. Broke off inside where it was crimped together.

Im done here. Its a backup unit i was going to hook up.