Where to Find Tablo Apps

Hi Tablo Fans!

If you’re looking for any of Tablo’s official apps, visit www.TabloTV.com/apps 

There you can find links to our iOS, Android, Roku and web-based apps. 


The Tablo Team

The link to the web based app just redirects you back to the same www.tablotv.com/apps page. Using Chrome on a Mac.

Crud! It must have broken when we updated the page with Android earlier today. Fixing now.

It’s available at my.tablotv.com 

UPDATE: Fixed!

I’m having issues with my Roku 2. I was able to install the app and when it’s running I can get listings but when I try to watch a recording, it will flash to the black retrieving screen and then return to the program listing. There are also no pictures of the TV shows in the menu. Is there anything I can do to resolve this?

@donmacbc - That’s definitely not expected behaviour. Make sure you’re running the latest Tablo firmware (look in your settings screen) and try resetting both the Tablo and the Roku. If you’re still experiencing this issue, please place a ticket with our support team.

@TabloTV -  Could you make your Android apk available for download for those of us that wish to test it out on unofficially supported devices?

@7up - Sorry, we’re hesitant to do this since you won’t receive app updates nor will we be able to effectively support devices that are not within our required parameters.