Where to buy new in Canada?

I wanted to buy a new dual lite DVR but it seems to be always sold out on the Canada estore of Tablo. Any other Canadian authorized retailer? (BB or amazon.ca don’t carry it)

We’re out of stock right now (Best Buy US is selling Tablo DUAL LITEs faster than we can make them).

We’re hoping to have them back in stock soon.

Thank you for the reply. My question was about availability in Canada, so unsure what BB US has to do with it.

I assume that no one else sells the DVRs in Canada but your estore? Pretty peculiar given tablo is a Canadian company.

They’re literally sucking up all of our available stock as we build them…

Our Canadian distribution is generally our own webstore and Amazon.ca. Unfortunately as mentioned we just can’t build them fast enough for them to be in stock at the moment, but we’re hoping to rectify that soon.

Perhaps something like this could hold you over until you’re able to buy a new one? Maybe get three or four years out of it?

I saw that, thank you. But I want to purchase new to benefit from the return policy in case I am not happy with the quality/experience.

@TabloTV, now I understand, maybe Tablo needs to get BB .ca to also jump on the bandwagon :grinning: do you have an ETA for us Canucks for the dual DVR lite?

Are you in Toronto, Hamilton or somewhere near? If so, you could scoot across the border and snag one at a Best Buy in Buffalo. And those in Vancouver BC can grab one in Bellingham, just (barely) south of the border.

Sorry - I don’t have a specific ETA yet.

While that may seem like an ideal option, in practice it hasn’t been a good way for us to go in the past because many Best Buy Canada locations are in areas that don’t get ANY OTA reception.

But further to @ben1’s suggestion, if you’re near the border you can always make a quick trip south.

Next: Hop on board the Tablo Bus. The Tablo Bus is the surest way to OTA. Low cost rides to the US Best Buy.

Look for the bus with the antenna on top…

(don’t forget your passport)

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Thanks to all the suggestions, I am not that desperate to travel even 1 hour across the border (Burlington) for a small device, I’ll just wait. I already have OTA though so its a nice small addition to get it.

Just for chat purposes and OT, I am surprised by the comment that many BB .ca locations don’t get ANY OTA, surely we do get OTA in most cities in Canada, where probably most of the population is ? Maybe my OTA knowledge is wrong, and I am lucky having access to some good OTA stations, both local and US (Montreal area).

Regardless the reason that Tablo does not have electronics retail presence in Canada, will not change bcoz I asked, it was just a comment in passing, eh :wink:

If you’re close to Ottawa, drive to their HQ and ask for a free loaner until they get stock.

Or ask about their Do It Yourself kit!

Here is a fantastic opportunity:

That 2-Tuner refurb is less than the cost of an HD Homerun.
The 4-Tuner refurb is less than the cost of a Tablo Dual Lite