Where to Buy a Tablo?

I’m in the US and will be buying a Tablo in the next few weeks. In reading posts at this forum, it appears that most defective Tablos come from Amazon (e.g. loose metal parts). Would ordering one through Best Buy be a better bet?

But their customer service and return policy is so wonderful - go with Amazon


We got our two from Amazon a few months ago with no issues. Amazon is so great with returns and exchanges that I never worry about this. If it is defective, they will replace it with no hassle.

I’m also an Amazon Prime member so I’d get free shipping.

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I bought mine through Amazon and didn’t have any issues. Amazon gives you a 30 day return policy and best buy is only 14. That gives you an extra couple of weeks to make sure it’s the right choice for you.

I ordered mine from New Egg. You can also buy directly from https://www.tablotv.com/store/

I did Newegg.ca

This was one of the few items I ordered from Amazon that I had to return, and they are really great about paying for shipping returns (if it’s defective). Mine was not really defective; it was sold as new, but when I received it, it was pretty clear it was an open box, and when I set it up it only had 9 days remaining on the 30 day free trial for the guide. Sent it back for a full refund; meanwhile I bought a used one from someone here and all is good now. Oh, and the used one had the loose plate (or whatever it was) inside that others have mentioned, simple matter of opening it up and putting it back in place with no apparent loss of functionality.

FYI guys, this particular issue with the Amazon stock should be over soon. What was happening is that Amazon was not being careful about segregating units that were returned from brand new stock so a single returned unit may have been shipped out multiple times.

Starting yesterday, all of the returns to Amazon will instead be sent back to our own warehouse which is what we do with all other retailers. This enables us to review, test and fix any issues and resell them as refurbished units on our store.


I bought refurbished from Tablo store. Quick shipment to NYC, no issues with the hardware. Full warranty just in case.

I bought mine from the Tablo store.

I bought mine from Walmart.com and it was cheaper than most other places at the time.