Where are the Tablos?

I am cutting the cable next month and I cannot seem to find any of the units for sale anywhere. Is this due to an explosion of new sales, or has something interrupted the manufacturing process? Anyone know what the deal is?

Search the forums, it has been stated a couple of times. Demand overran supply… a fresh supply is supposedly almost ready.

Ok, thanks. I will try to be patient :slightly_smiling:

Maybe a light will come on when a fresh batch has come out of the oven… :slight_smile:

LOL. The batch is out of the oven but it’s filtering its way through logistics.

Should be back in stock soon!

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@TabloTV - Do the new batch of Tablos have identical hardware to previous units, or have their been some incremental improvements?

@mbellaire - They’re exactly the same as previous units.

Still nothing?

We’re in stock on Amazon.com and .ca. Should be back on the rest of our retailers next week.