Where are all of my shows!

Tablo is really starting to frustrate me with all of its inconsistent performance, which always seems to be on Sunday night. All of my Sunday night shows (best night to record and watch throughout the rest of the week with The Simpson, Brooklyn 99 and The Good Wife) aren’t showing in the recording tab on my Roku 3 and on my browser menu even though the guide was showing that it was recording on one of the shows. So either the guide is lying and it wasn’t recording after all or the tablo software isn’t seeing the recording on the harddrive.

This is a very new system, only several month old. I really hope I didn’t waste my money on a 4 tuner system and lifetime guides for something that is going to be so unreliable. The only thing that changed between today and previous days was the roku channel coming out of preview. Coincidence.

This tablo system works well when it works, but when it doesn’t record something that is set to record, what is the point?

Frustrated in Maryland.

Tablo info: 2.2.6

There was no new Simpsons episode last night. It was an encore of the Futurama-Simpsons crossover, so it would not have been recorded unless you had “REC ALL” set.

Ok… my bad on the Simpsons. But there were new episodes of other shows on Sunday that did not record. I did some digging and it looks like my tablo didn’t record Saturday Night Live, which I know was new and I know I have the season pass set up. I reset my tablo this morning and I have scheduled a test recording later this morning to see if it actually records. I’ll let you know if my morning recording works. I’m just frustrated because the guide says things are going to be recorded and they don’t happen.

I am having the same issue, and I believe there are several other posters also having the issue. Last night, Brooklyn 99 recorded correctly and Last Man on Earth did not. Last week it was the other way around.

From my understanding, if you are having the same issue I am, the recordings are actually there, they are just not visible. This happened before and the 2.2.6 update revealed several recordings that were not visible, however, the issue continued with new recordings (at least to me).

I have seen posts that say 2.2.7, which is in beta, seems to resolve this. I am hoping so as about 1/3 or more recordings now seem to be “failing”.

Count me in as well. No Brooklyn Nine Nine, no Last Man On Earth this Sunday. Virtually the entire Sunday night lineup didn’t record last Sunday. I’m guessing other shows I’ve not been paying attention to are also being missed.
I’m on Beta 2.2.7 release 3…so this is happening with the very latest firmware available.

That’s discouraging. Did any of your recordings show up from purgatory when you upgraded the firmware?

I thought I had seen posts that the beta had seemed to resolve this.

@mhwang111 - Not for me. I have a support ticket in as of this morning…I will let you know what they say.

It seems my reboot worked, for now. My test shows recorded this morning.

I’m still wondering if my tablo actually recorded the shows that were scheduled and indicated on the guide. Too bad I can’t turn back the clock to get my missed shows rerecorded.

Now I wonder if anyone is going to pay for cbs all access so I can stream the shows the Tablo didn’t record. The reason why I got tablo was so I could record shows I want to watch WITHOUT paying cable and the tv networks. (gentle nudge at Tablo to get their stuff together).

@Wildwest - We haven’t seen any recordings be totally missed yet. They seem to be taking up space on the drive but they’re in some sort of ‘purgatory’ where they can’t be accessed. If you touch base with support we should be able to grab them and make them accessible again: http://bit.ly/1w8BrBw

Same problem. None of my shows recorded on Sunday or Monday. It all started when the new software was pushed.

Just a suggestion, take it for what it’s worth.

How about NOT rebuilding content and utilize that manpower in more universally productive things. In lieu of finding lost shows, perhaps all of us can contribute recorded programming on a case by case bases. I understand copyright laws come into play once copyrighted materials pass through hands, but perhaps there is a legal method to do this I am unaware of.


This was true in my case as well. Tablo Support was able to recover all my “missing” recordings. They were recorded properly, just not available in the recording screen.

I submitted a ticket last night after hours. I’ll see what Tablo support can do today.

I installed the 2.2.7 beta 3 this morning and 8-9 recordings showed up that had not been visible. The same thing happened when I installed 2.2.6 so I guess I need to keep an eye out that new recordings keep showing up,

I am having similar issues, and it has become worse since this most recent update. CBS programs are the most common ones with issues.

Before, I could Unschedule a series (CBS This morning, for instance) - leave it 24 hours, then Reschedule it. Then the “missing recordings” would reappear. Now, that is no longer working!

I have about 1/3 of my hard drive now devoted to recordings that I can not even see to delete (in some cases it will SAY there are 2 episodes of a show, but they are not visible when you click).

Tablo Support, this is a show stopper for me. You MUST fix this, soon. I took a gamble on the lifetime support with you - please don’t make me sorry I did.

I’m glad I’m not the only one annoyed by this problem with something that should just work – it is a dvr after all!

I’m also getting annoyed by tablo support. They said yesterday morning that the new beta firmware would be ready to install in a couple hours and when I got home after work to check, no new firmware. So I sent another support ticket into the system, so now I have wait until support is back at work to get another response.

BTW… Who only has support between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. ET, when your customers aren’t even at home? Even Comcast --yes, that evil U.S. cable company I cut the cord from – has evening tech support until at least 9 p.m. if not Midnight ET so that when the working world gets home, they can get immediate support.

Get it together Tablo, I spent way to much money on a 4-tuner dvr and lifetime guides support for this system not to the basic advertised functions… you know record and playback my shows. Rant is over.

I was told the same thing; that the beta software would be available in a few hours but did not show up.

I guessing they may be holding off since we are on the cusp of the 2.2.8 release. I would not fault them if that is the case.

Don’t care about all the other features if the CORE feature doesn’t work as advertise. Awesome that we can stream live tv to our phones, but a DVR should record everything that it is programmed to record. Not just some shows when it feels like it.

If Tablo can’t do core features than all the frilly stuff on the edges is useless.

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Yes… it is a DVR, first and foremost. It says it on the box and website. IMO… this hardware’s core competency, at the minimum, is to record the shows the I want it to record 100 percent of the time and be able to play it back, which it seems to not want to do for me at this time. My support gripe is legitimate, not having support when people are home is totally boneheaded. If they can only pay for 8 hours of support because they are based in Canada, than shift the 8 hours so you have evening hours support, say from Noon to 8:30 p.m. ET.

You added the word JUST, not @Wildwest. He stated he bought a DVR product that doesn’t DVR properly. End of statement.

Once again you totally mis-interpret what others write for your own agenda. How much does Nuvyyo pay you to shill the product so much?