When playing back recording it plays in fast foward mode cannot watch help!

all of my recordings are playing in fast foward speed cannot watch any help on settings config

If you haven’t already done so, I’d recommend restarting your Tablo (one short press of the blue button on the back of the Tablo) and restarting whatever device you are using for the Tablo app you are watching on (Roku, Fire TV, Android etc.).

ChrisFix thanks for reply i tried i reset tablo and fire tv same thing happens all my recordings are playing in fast foward plat speed

That’s an issue I’ve not heard of before on this forum (or experienced myself). I’d open a support ticket:


Does it happen on all devices or what device?

It could be that the remote button for fast foward is stuck?

Can you check your signal quality? I had a similar situation with my first antenna setup. One channel came in quite poorly, although I didn’t know it at the time. The recordings on that channel were in fast forward mode with lots of green blockiness and glitching. I discovered my telly has a signal strength meter on it and the channels were red and in to the 20-25 zone (scale goes to 100). I changed my antenna which fixed that problem.

Also, what type of hard drive are you using? I have read on this forum of people who had similar problems because they were reusing an old hard drive that was too slow or a thumb stick, which are unsupported.

Some of my recordings are doing this also on Fire TV. This started with the recent FTV update around two weeks ago. Not happy with Fire TV!

Tablo firmware update just now to 2.2.10. All recordings play in FF. Tablo is useless.

Update: On the off chance, I reset everything (2nd time) and things seem to be working now. Good grief.

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Can you try playing the recordings on another app - like http://my.tablotv.com/? Does the video still appear to be fast forwarded there as well?

If there’s breakup at the same time, we’ve occasionally seen this happen if the OTA signal quality was poor while the video was being recorded (or while it was being live streamed).

I am experiencing this same issue of fast forward playback… wife is not a happy camper. Seems exiting the app, then reconnecting makes it play okay, but starts up again for each recording i try to play back. Signal quality is fine… will try resetting everything. Tablo and FTV. wish me luck.