When does the guide data show up?

I have yet to see any guide data show up.  How long does it take for initial guide to show up?

It looks like it depends on the number of channels you have. I just added 14 to my unit, and it took about 15 minutes for all of the guide to populate. 

Patience, it’s always the last thing I try. Thanks!

Took mine about 10-15 minutes on my Android tablet.  As I was viewing the guide I noticed it would refresh and some more shows would pop up.

H’mmm I’ve got nothing after about 20 minutes.  No a single thing under the Live TV section.  Configured and trying it via an iPad.

@YYC_TV Hrm - that sounds like maybe an issue with our guide data provider. Try this: in settings switch your postal code to another one nearby. We’ve found that some postal codes for new developments aren’t supported yet. 

Regardless - send in a support ticket so we can talk to our guide data provider to get that fixed up for you.

Half an hour in, upgraded to the latest Tablo software, formatted the HDD, and done the “Update Now” info on the guide half a dozen times (which completes in just one or two seconds) and not a thing to be seen in the guide.  Still zilch.

Thanks @TabloTV.  I actually did the same thing before reading your post.  I put in a more central Calgary postal code and now it’s updating.  The first time I had just allowed it to automatically determine my location.  You’re saying that I should send in a support ticket still with my postal code (which I’m happy to do)?

@YYC_TV - Yes, please let support know. Then we can let our guide data provider know so they can fix it!