When attempting to watch live TV, get playback failed error message

Running on Roku devices with most updated recent software and update Tablo 4gen software.
After resetting Tablo device and connecting via wifi to my TVs and devices and running a fresh channel scan; I am able to get the TabloTV app to come up on Roku device and boot up.
When viewing Live TV the first channel I choose to tune into, will playback live. Watch for several minutes fine, but then if i decide to go back to channel guide to watch another channel Live, I get an error message, playback failed (retry or cancel). retry never works. Go back to Live TV channel guide to try to tune into another channel, but same thing happens, Playback failed. But when I go back to original 1st choice channel that I was successfully able to watch, that again is watchable. All other channel choices I get playback failed message. Only able to watch my very first choice. Only way to watch any other Live TV channel choice, is to reset TabloTV device.

Can you confirm that you have good wireless signal in that area?

Load up inSSIDer on your laptop and check if you have good signal. anything above -73 is considered the start of low signal.

If you put uncompression video load on it, it will drop.

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Some good suggestions from @KimchiGUN.

Can you also elaborate on this:

Did you factory reset the device? Or just reboot?

And did this only start happening recently after the reboot or reset?

I have uplugged power from device in attempt to get device to reset and also pressed and held down the reset button on the bottom of the device. I will now try doing a factory reset to see if that helps with the live TV playback failure messages. The playback failure messages even happens with station that have strong signals (i.e. 4 green dots). Again, normally the first strong channel that I tune into does not have playback failures but when i attempt to tune into another strong signal station does the playback failure message keep occurring, When I first got the Tablo device, I did not have this payback failure problem on most channels. My internal memory storage on the device is about 90% full now, could this have an effect on playback of LiveTV?