What's up with these guys?

So the first Tablo had a bad hard drive. Of course, I have 8 hard drives in my house, and the Tablo is the first device to kill one but sure, I’ll accept that one of 8 went bad. So I replaced it. Now the Tablo continues to disconnect and lose contact with the hard drive. A reboot fixes it for a day. While it does not recognize the HD, it does not record. You can’t playback, and then it will work for a day after the reboot. Support seems to always blame a hard drive, since there is no way this thing runs so f-ing hot it kills not only hard drives but it’s own internal components. Seems like supports only job is to keep you dicking around until it is out of warranty. It’s like 7 dollars worth of crappy Chinese components they charge $200 USD for ( isn’t that like $400 Canadian?). Try sending a new box, instead of being complete douchebags. I love how a little company continues to blame multibillion dollar Hard Drive companies for the fact that their product does not work.

So you have opened a ticket with support recently to have them take a look at your logs to hopefully isolate the cause of the problem?

I’ve been running with the same WD Elements hard drive for 3+ years with no issues.

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This sounds like the old problem where various USB drives needed to have the firmware updated.

Without the update the USB drive would improperly or not identify itself. The tablo settings page use to identify the drive and what version of firmware was installed.

Our team would be happy to take another look at your unit and do what we can to help solve the issues you’re encountering. I understand troubleshooting can be frustrating, but I can assure you our team is committed to solving the issues our customers encounter. Don’t hesitate to send us the details and we can get to work.

Yes I have opened a ticket. Spoke to someone a week ago to take a look at the logs. Seagate Baracuda 1TB drive.

It’s an internal SATA drive, so no usb connection involved.

We did that last week, and I was supposed to hear back. I put the unit into access mode, and haven’t heard anything since. Of course, in between that time and now, I had to run another reset, this time because the entire unit was unable to be seen by any device on the network. Nothing could connect to it because it was as if it didn’t exist. After the reset, devices could find it again.

Can you PM me your ticket number, or the email address your ticket would be associated with? I’ll have the team follow up ASAP.

When you initiate a support issue via phone, does a ticket get generated?

If necessary, of course - but I need the email address you would’ve given to our team to help track your ticket down.