What's up with the holes in the schedule?

Yesterday it was just two shows missing, the day before that there was one show missing, everything around it was there and ok.
Today it’s this - I can’t choose programs to record. Even in the other places - the TV shows or Prime Time tab if i try to record a show that’s missing in this grid, I can’t do so.
So, what’s up with this…

Is this the web app, mobile or streamer? Has your guide been updating regularly? If not, try a manual update and let it finish and see if that fills in the missing spaces. Also, you might try a nearby zip code to see if that makes a difference. Many people have found success that way.

web - - other than the FireTV stick I have no other access but via the PC.
'It’s been updating fine, for since I got it, never missed a beat. This is the very first issues I’ve ever seen with this part.

Try a nearby zip and let the guide update and grid populate (if it will) and see if that makes a difference. If not, I would do the support ticket thing. Hope that helps.

Well that was easy - it took two steps.
I’d tried reconnecting, refreshing, etc. and no change.
I had forgotten about the update guide choice at the lower part of the settings page, so did that - it took several minutes but still didn’t get better.
So I did a disconnect to refresh things after the redownload of the guide data and it populated back fine.
I suppose the guide data was messed up and it stuck in the browser that way - and it took doing a fresh download (I didn’t change the ZIP, but that was another option had this all failed) and then disconnect, refresh and close the connect with the red x, say ok to the warning about clearing the cached data, and allowing it to rescan and reconnect fresh.
Cool. Thanks - the tips got me to a solution quickly - only to find NCIS and NCIS New Orleans are both reruns tonight. LOL.
Otherwise I’d have to record them as my wife is gone and she’d ask if I remembered to record them for her (well, us really :wink: )

Corrupted or missing guide data? Redownload the guide by clicking update now near the guide status line in the settings tab, let it finish, disconnect (bottom choice of all the “tabs”), close the connect box (rex x in upper right does it), get past the warning about doing so clearing your synched and cached data, rescan, connect fresh and it refreshes the browser junk, good to go