What's everyone's Data Usage?

Just curious what others are using in a given month. Has anyone seen a dip in their data usage with Tablo on board? Tablo can definitely help those who are in an area with data caps.

I can see what I’ve used the last three months and the current month. From December to September:

Dec: 139 GB
Nov: 117 GB
Oct: 141 GB
Sept: 160 GB

No units? Gigabytes?

sorry, I’ll Edit, assumed we were talking GB.

This is a good question. I have wondered how our usages really compare. We are in Chicago and I don’t think that data caps have kicked in just yet. It says we have a 250 gb data cap that is currently suspended. Not sure if it has ever been active though.

Sept - 211 gb
Oct - 129 gb
Nov - 135 gb
Dec - 60 gb mtd

We have done a lot of travelling over the past 2 months. I seem to remember 150 - 180gb being out average.

If my router is correct, my family uses about 500 GB a month.

Besides for streaming Netflix, WatchESPN, and anime, my kids watch a lot of YouTube videos as well. I also VPN into work every day as well.

Yea, I am about with @snowcat about 400-500GB

~900 GB

Generally 600-900 with no real explanation for the difference.

We are usually between 400 to 500 GB a month. December is unusually low so far this month as we’ve been mostly catching up on recorded shows on our Tablo, currently at 77GB.

It’s interesting to see the range of uses. I thought getting close to 200 was a lot. I don’t have kids so that maybe the xfactor to having more data consumption. More People = More data consumption.

It also depends on what entertainment packages one has. Acorn, which I have, has a lot of older British programs at SD quality, not HD. We could watch a month’s worth of Acorn programming without a major hit on our data cap.

Even though PBS makes available a lot of shows we like for streaming I prefer to record shows such as Downton Abbey so as not to use the Internet. BTW I get a better quality picture for Downton OTA than from PBS’s website.

About 200 GB used monthly which comes in well under the Comcast 300 ceiling. Too bad these providers don’t have “rollover bytes” (like rollover cellphone minutes).