What subchannels are available

I discovered during lunch today that if you go to Wikipedia and search for call letters of your local stations, you will find all kinds of channel f information, including if they broadcast on UHF or VHF and what the display channel is, signal strength, etc. I learned that display channel 31 in Austin is lower power than 62, but 62 is broadcast on VHF and is located in Killeen and not Austin. Further away but comes in…I’m not going to play with the antenna since I found its perfect spot.

The Winegard FL500 instructions even mentioned rescanning monthly but I do it weekly checking for new stations.

There is a new station starting on Oct 31st. It is called Comet TV and focuses on older sci-fi and fantasy series and movies. Unfortunately, it is not available in the Charlotte, NC area. Looks to be a pretty good channel.

Here is a link Comet TV

@charlesh - Yes! Spotted this yesterday. Looks cool.

There’s a full list of affiliates here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Comet_affiliates

I’m hoping some other station can pick it up. KEYE is not going yto carry it because of no bandwidth. They have two 1080 stations.

@beastman Use Wikipedia with a grain of salt. It can be updated by anyone and is often out-of-date.

Digital channels are broadcast in UHF or VHF and have a broadcast channel number and virtual channel numbers. For example, in my local area:

UHF Broadcast Channel #23:
Virtual Channels:
51.1 720p ION
51.2 480i QUBO
51.3 480i ION Life
51.4 480i ION Shop
51.5 480i QVC
51.6 480i HSN

As for your antenna, digital signals are line of sight. A low power station that is farther away from a high power station may just have better line of sight to your antenna. Also, close by high powered stations can overpower antennas, especially your small one. Another thing to remember is no matter if you have a oneway, multi, or omni directional antenna, they all have a face and that face should be pointed in the direction of the towers.

With a small indoor antenna like yours I can only get my local Rochester, NY channels, about 21 of them (Only 5 HD). With my pair of stacked DB8’s (16 Bays) mounted 30 feet up outdoors I can get channels from Rochester, NY, Batavia, NY, Buffalo, NY and Toronto, Canada. That’s about 45 channels (about 20 HD). Though the Toronto and a couple of far away Buffalo channels only come in at night. My antenna is pointed at the CNE Tower in Toronto. That allows me to pick up Toronto and Buffalo. The back of the antenna picks up my close by local stations.

How is ION? I’m going to be getting in in around 2 weeks or less.

ION is the only non major network channel that I occasionally view. They have a good selection of movies that get played each week.