What really irritates me about Tablo TV and other DVR manufacturers

I am new to DVRs but since I’ve owned a Tablo OTA DVR, I have some comments to make. First off, the DVR technology is actually much more controlled and there seems to be no standard protocol for DVR manufacturers. Case in point: the Tablo TV OAT units cannot just allow you to swap out Tablo hard drives for friends that may own a Tablo. I am thinking this is all purposely done, not just some lazy fluke on the part of the engineers. Because of this, and other annoyances, I may opt to return my Tablo 4-channel unit and never purchase another DVR again.

I like the ability to trade content; there should be no other reason to stop it, short of selling it for a profit, which should be illegal anyways. But the manufacturers are doing this purposely and it’s wrong. The digital age surely has made it easier to swap content, unlike having everything stored on large VHS tapes. However, this does not mean that they have to make our lives difficult.

Shame on Tablo and its engineering department for doing this non-swappable hard drive configuration. I am no engineer but you will never get me to believe that it’s so, so hard to configure the unit so that people can share hard drives among their friends. Also, the content should be drag-and-drop, much like MP4 and AVI files, not this clumsy garbage that makes sharing content impossible via their proprietary formats. Even if Tablo keeps their video files in a proprietary format, they should still make it easy to share with other people who might live, say next door to you.

If all else, I at least had enough time to learn about an issue I had no knowledge of. This is so, so annoying. Sorry Tablo, you guys have work to do, and so do other DVR manufacturers.

Lastly, I do believe that copyright owners feared that with the digital age, they would need a means to protect their content. Therefore, they pressured manufacturers like Tablo and TiVo to make their content difficult to share. This is my take on it. Yes, you could call it a conspiracy of economic interests.

One can export videos from the Tablo to share with others. In that sense Nuvyyo hasn’t closed off the box; they opened their API to developers that allows for video export.

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Now after trying to re-hook up my 2 TB drive back up to my 2-Tuner Tablo unit, the Tablo unit is saying that the files no longer exist. I hate, hate, hate, this Tablo unit now. All this automatic, syncing deletion has taken all my hard work and destroyed it. I may even sell my 2-Tuner unit and opt for a standard DVD recorder instead. I have had enough of this garbage. Tablo needs to make improvements or else people like me will see to it that others understand what Tablo is like. Bad publicity like YouTube videos might be able to “buyer beware” future customers from all this.

Like Craig said, the ability to download mp4 files and share is open and easy with the Tablo. You are clearly very picky so perhaps you should take up an electrical/computer engineering degree and create the “steve dvr”. Kudos to the folks at Tablo, they have created a great device that works well for apparently 99.9% of us cord cutters.

Did you ever think that the DVR creators cannot legally open up official sharing of these programs? Dish Network gets sued for millions for allowing commercial skip, how do you think networks would feel about their entire episodes being freely shared?


I got off the phone with technical support and this is what they told me. When my new 4-Tuner Tablo was running at night into the morning, an auto-update ran, removing the so-called broken files that it deemed non-functioning. Again, this is a glitch that needs to be improved because again, I did not give it permission to just start deleting files from my other 2-Tuner unit. In any case, there are so many learning curves with Tablo and I am still upset. Live TV is a “here today, gone tomorrow” situation, unlike recording sit-coms and movies which will always be available.

I do not think I am overreacting and I don’t think I have the time to take up engineering at my ripe age of 46. However, I am a great visionary and if I worked for Tablo or TiVo, I could direct any engineer in the right direction to fix these problems. Great auto racers don’t fix or repair the cars, but they are experienced enough to tell the mechanics and engineers what needs to be fixed or improved. It’s called cooperation. Donald Trump is a perfectionist and even though he is no architect, he is able to see the flaws in engineering designs and get the right people to do the job. I once heard that Donald Trump saw a one-inch flaw in a building design, and when checked out, the engineers were able to acknowledge that the building aesthetically was a bit off. Even the engineers missed this, so no, I don’t need to be an engineer.

Peace, however, and if I seemed gruff, it’s because I should be. I never expected the new Tablo unit to essentially delete all my recordings over the past five weeks. The guy on the phone at technical support said this is something they are working on. I am sure I am not the first, nor will I be the last that will deal with this problem unless it’s fixed.

Great, you live and learn. That’s life. Experience. So now you’re all set for the next migration to a bigger and better Tablo in a few years!

I am a visionary, and I think I already have an idea of creating a Tablo peer-to-peer program that might get past copyright laws by allowing Tablo users to share their content with other Tablo users via a library system. It’s do-able and I am sure I could even work out a donation page to start it. Anyone want to mull over ideas? Let me know because I have a lot of the plans already in my head.

You are a visionary, just like Donald Trump.

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I sense that was a sarcastic remark? LOL!


Fake sharks, so it doesn’t count.
Find a gif with someone jumping lawyers. :wink:

It’s great to see this topic, started with bitterness and anger, end on a happy note in good humor for all concerned. This is the community way, all pulling in the right direction. And @TabloTV didn’t have to intervene as we all found common ground with high hopes for the future. Super!!!


I hope so. One “visionary” at a time.

@steve1970 I don’t want to rain on your parade, and your idea may be inherently different, but Plex has already implemented the idea of a “shared library” with Plex Home. :wink: