What is your Tablo's name?

Fun Friday topic… What is your Tablo’s name? 

(And If you didn’t know, you can go to settings and at the top of the page, tap to edit the name of your Tablo.) 

Imaginary internet bonus points for the person with the funnest name! 

… and GO!

My is called “Black Box of Goodies” :slight_smile:

I have no imagination its TabloTV1 and TasbloTV2

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PiX Tablo

I am also sorta uncreative :slight_smile:

My Tablo is called… Tablo

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Ha! And PiX thought he was uncreative!

“Tablo” for now… gotta keep it a no brainer in case the rest of the family have to ever deal with it.

I’d add a number or other identifier if I ever add a 2nd Tablo.

@j321cordcut - You can change the name at any time so you can give it a fun name for now :) 

aequo animo

Which reminds me of the state of mind to have, to begin using my Tablo.

Juan Tablo

@DaveTV  :))


When I had to replace mine, the new name is “Tablo Strikes Back”.

@snowcat - thats awesome

Arthur. He told me.

Mr. Bigglesworth

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ComcastSucks :wink:

Nice ones, guys!

Just saw this thread…when I set mine up I had to use the Android app because the web app wouldn’t connect.  So when I went to type in the box, “Tablo” was already filled in, and Android auto-correct suggested “Pablo”.  I figured what the heck and went with that.  So my Tablo is Pablo.

I’m a female, so my baby’s name is “Who’s Your Daddy”. :grin: