What is this Weak Signal error - solved

I’m trying to watch my team’s Sunday football game and am getting an error ‘Weak Signal’. The error is showing on all channels. I have an OTA antenna, the weather is perfect, I checked all the connections, rebooted the Tablo and the error is still there. What’s going on Tablo?

Update: I temporarily disconnected the hard drive and restarted the Tablo and now live TV works. I reconnected the hard drive and taped shows are there and live TV continues to work.

Last night we deleted quite a few taped shows. Maybe this was a contributing factor to the problem.

My advice to others with the Weak Signal error is to try temporarily disconnecting the hard drive.

Would the disk be full and auto-delete is not turned on.

No, I have a 1.76 TB Seagate drive and am only using about 10% of it.

Could be just one of those odd things … I’m happy that I was able to correct it so quickly and easily.


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but “Weak Signal” doesn’t exactly point to a hard drive issue. maybe tablo should look into it and provide a better problem descriptor.

Good point, I agree.

There are a number of posts about Weak Signal and it was there I found the idea for temporarily disconnecting the hard drive.