What is this on the top of screen?

Hard to see on the pic as my screen grab barely catches it. I’ve seen this on a couple of stations and was wondering if any of you TV gurus can tell me what it is and can I get rid of it? Little dashes on the top that are constantly jittering and a bit distracting. I’m assuming it’s an audio track visualizing or something - not a Tablo problem - coming from the original video or the station perhaps?

Here’s a better shot of the dashes…

Your old TV may have hid these better… I think it’s just some sort of timecode, not present usually in 720p+ stations (if at all) but perhaps recorded from a source which had it (e.g. a cheap/bad commercial?)

I know in the olden days, if upconverting SD to HD, you might have a solid white line up there, but since you seeing the dashes, I say timecode.

Your TV may have and overscan view setting that might make this line disappear from site anyhow.

I think the old analog term was called DATACASTING and it would embed “data” like program guides, close captioning, etc in the vertical blank space normally not displayed in the overscan area.

Thanks guys for the info. I figured it was something like that. I checked on my TV and no dashes. Just on Chrome and Android.