What is the best state to leave the Tablo overnight or when not watching?

I’m pretty lucky in that all of my channels are 5 green dots. Actually, the splitter on the the roof antenna was an afterthought. It used to go right to the TV but then I decided to poke it through the wall and was able to easily get it to the Tablo.  I remembered I had the splitters for cable and decided to try it out and it works great. When I was having wifi issues with the old provider/router I found it helpful to be able to watch live TV outside of Tablo.  Countless times I found myself reaching to pause or rewind.  Glad I don’t have to do that anymore but it’s still there just in case.

I have had the Tablo stop 5 minutes after a show ends on Live TV.  I wonder if it happens because the Tablo  wants to use the tuner to record a program.   I don’t watch enough live TV to see the pattern.

Were you recording what you were watching? If so, that is it.

Were you recording what you were watching? If so, that is it.

I’ve observed this exact behavior… watching “live” a show that’s also being recorded will stop when the show ends and return to guide.  Not a huge deal, but would be a nice enhancement to have it continue playing live TV when the recording stops.

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From my understanding, the normal expected behaviour of the Tablo is if a show is recording and you start watching it live then it will end 5 minutes after the show is done (aka when the recording stops). If you are watching a live show that you are NOT recording, then it will indefinitely stream like the OP is describing.