What is the "Auto Delete Recordings" check box for?

Just wondering - seems I have to manually delete everything, even though I have the “auto-delete recordings” box checked in the options. It would seem to imply that recordings not flagged as “protected” would delete when playback reaches the end. Am I interpreting that right?

No auto delete only deletes recordings when the drive is full. Think it’s less than 10% or 5% drive space free.

It was more useful when people had small drives. With the new firmware update allowing huge drives, it isn’t really needed anymore.

Well since tablo now supports larger disks what makes you think the same users that wanted bulk delete and a new keep so many episodes option won’t fill up a larger disk?

They might. But I would never want my Tablo to get to that state where it starts deleting random shows. I prefer to control what I delete.

It deletes ONLY if space is needed for new recordings. LOTS of empty disk space and nothing will be deleted.

Then have tablo take the feature out. It’s not needed anymore. And do you really believe that if users can’t manually delete unneeded episodes that those users won’t get freaked out when bulk delete and a new save so many episodes causes recordings they want to save actually disappear.

Thanks all … makes somewhat more sense with the disk full condition. Sometimes it helps to just understand the way it’s “suppposed to work” helps :smile:

It is an option for those users that want it. The Tablo doesn’t default to it. I wouldn’t use it, but some people may still want that feature.